Smart Gas Utility Management

A turn-key AIoT solution for Gas utility industry To improve your business & operation

Smart AIoT solutions for 24/7 remote meter reading and site safety


Decrease operational costs. Improve your gas infrastructure safety. Adapt to net-zero emissions mandates. With Kiwi technology’s smart gas solutions, overcome your day-to-day challenges with intelligence to unlock new possibilities on digital transformation.

A smart gas meter with wireless communication will simplify field work by reading and shutting off gas remotely via LPWA. In addition, the safety of gas supply can be further ensured, such as remote gas shut-off in the event of gas leakage, remote safety monitoring and recovery operations (opening) in the event of a disaster. We offer a turn-key solution that handle signal transmission between smart meter reading NCUs and various systems/devices to further reduce customer development and operation costs. For LNG, Kiwi technology best in class industrial-grade AIoT turn-key solutions, powered by LoRaWAN® technology, can bring the performant, robust and reliable IoT network needed to connect smart gas meters to eliminate manual meter reading, avoid reading errors and improve gas distribution operations. For LPG application, we provide a turn-key AIoT solution and offer AI based planned and proactive delivery services. In the future, we will continue to consider the goal of improving social benefits and sustainable goal, with a view to applying the system to other infrastructure applications of utilities, such as smart water services.

Kiwi technology indoor and outdoor IoT LoRaWAN® gateways 、device and network management tools and SaaS platform, designed for public and private IoT networks, bring the versatile and cost-efficient coverage required for timely insights and data on gas infrastructure conditions. Leveraging Kiwi technology carrier-grade IoT solutions helps to quickly detect abnormalities, potential leaks, equipment malfunctions or breakdowns to anticipate potentially dangerous situations before they arise to keep both employees and customers safe, while meeting increasing regulatory requirements and a sustainable goal to achieve ESG. Smart gas metering helps to improve gas utilities efficiency and operations and delivers consumers the appropriate insights they need to access their real-time gas usage and improve their consumption patterns.

LPWA Wireless Communication Management & Alert System

24/7 Real-time monitoring and site safety & warning services


The state of art intelligent IoT application in natural gas industry LNG and LPG industry, the wireless communication unit NCU is used to upload the digital signal of the gas meter to the cloud system SaaS management platform with the LPWA communication technology to realize “remote meter reading”, “Alarm”, “Safety monitoring” and other functions. Significantly reduce operating costs for gas operators, optimize service models, and enhance value-added services

SaaS & APP

Provide AIoT network planning and deployment and platform management by Kiwi SaaS, as well as 24/7 real-time temperature monitoring services, visualization, data analytics, device management and connectivity management as well as data storage.

Warning & Notification

Once it is found that the monitoring data (Gas consumption、earthquake, over volume, overtime, and leakage) exceeds the threshold, it will provide real-time warning to relevant responsible personnel in the form of platform warning, email delivery and mobile APP.

Data Analysis & Visualization

  • Curve analysis of gas consumption
  • Use Cases of Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas in Japan & Taiwan
  • Smart Gas and Data Management Cloud Platform
  • AI Forecasting/Planned and Proactive Distribution Delivery Services for LPG

Improve LPG delivery operation efficiency

  • AI Prediction/Planning and Proactive Distribution Services for LPG
  • A revolution AIoT service, In the LPG distribution planning system, the gas reading value obtained every day is used to achieve the best delivery plan, and the replacement date of the gas cylinder is planned at the best time. The handling of sudden increases or decreases in daily usage that traditional manual delivery forecasting systems cannot manage will revolutionize the delivery business.

Manpower optimization

  • AMI remote meter reading service to improve the problem of lack of manpower
  • Leverage digitalization to improve day-to-day operational efficiency.

LPWA wireless communication equipment NCU

  • Two-way communication, supporting data upload and download control (shut-off, activate)
  • Remote meter reading, daily or regular meter reading for data collection
  • Emergency abnormal notification, when the automatic shut-off function is activated, event signal will be sent to the cloud management platform immediately, and the relevant personnel will be notified
  • Remote operation, on the SaaS smart gas cloud platform, you can set related operations, such as shut-off, opening, etc.
  • Long lifespan of battery use, LoRa communication, meter reading once a day, the battery can be used for at least 10 years
  • Provide comprehensive IoT base stations, such as outdoor, indoor and handheld (HHGW), etc.

Achieving SDGs and ESG sustainability development goals

  • Net zero CO2 emissions
  • Energy saving target

Abnormal gas leakage detection and early warning to assist gas utilities on energy saving, and consumers’ daily gas usage analysis and abnormal situation elimination to save expense

Advanced Gas data analytics

  • Allow customers to view and analyze their usage and look for cost savings
  • Improve safety by seeing abnormal usage patterns that could imply a gas leaks
  • Identify abnormally high usage and notify the customer proactively
  • Provide a soft close service for specific situations
  • By finding causes of high bills through the data rather than a site visit

Advance Data Analysis I

Gas Leak

Advance Data Analysis II

Appliance Left On

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