Company Governance

Organization Chart

Organizational Chart

Board of Directors

The board of directors consists of seven directors with extensive production and industry experience. The term of office is from December 9, 2019 to December 8, 2022.

Board Of Directors Member





Hsin-Hsin Lee

Chairman of Kiwi technology Inc.


Sen-Chou Lo

Chairman of Egis technology Inc.


Maverick Shih



David Lee

Director of EasyCard Corporation

Independent Director

Bo-Yung Chen

Director & General Manager of Tai Yuen Textile

Independent Director

Kris Peng

Director & General Manager of UMC Capital

Independent Director

Shiau Wen-Shone

Chairman of BE Epitaxy Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.

Internal Audit

  • An independent unit and is attached to the board of directors; in addition to regularly reporting auditing business to the chairman and supervisor, the audit supervisor should attend the report to the board of directors.
  • Checks and evaluates the internal controls of the company’s operating procedures and reports on the design of such controls and whether the routine practice is appropriate and its effectiveness and efficiency; its scope of inspection covers all operations of the company and its subsidiaries.
  • The audit work is mainly carried out in accordance with the audit plan approved by the board of directors. The annual audit plan is based on the results of the risk assessment.
  • Perform project audits or reviews as needed. The implementation of general audits and project audits provides management to understand internal control functions.
  • Internal audits review the results of the internal control of each unit and subsidiary of the company to ensure the quality of execution. The results of the investigation are reported to the board of directors as the basis for issuing an internal control statement.
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