LoRa IoT Solutions

The advent of various kinds of low-power wide area network (LPWAN) technologies has led to the birth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and a wide variety of IoT-related business models and applications, whose implementation, in turn, relies heavily on a safe, reliable, and scalable network architecture. Adhering to the mission to provide simpler and safer access to data, the Kiwi hopes to assist our customers in tailoring their own IoT systems according to their different environments and needs so as to allow them to expand their IoT business without delay, upgrade their own industrial chain rapidly, and construct their own smart cities rapidly.

Kiwi Technology provides complete set of products and solutions of “end-to-end (M2M)” autonomous networks for enterprise customers, and we are providing “end”, “connection” and “network” IoT integrated solutions and platform services. We are committed to providing more innovative, forward-looking, user-friendly and simpler solutions that create superior value for our customers and be a world-class leaders in the IoT industry!

Kiwi Technology provides comprehensive solutions and services for the Internet of Things, including smart temperature management of HACCP, smart agriculture, smart building, smart disaster presentation etc.

LoRa IoT Solutions - Kiwi Temperature Box

Medical Safety

Monitoring for your critical medical shipments :

1.Covid-19 Extreme low temperature management solution(-80°C) 2.Japan use case proven – HACCP 3.Non-stop temperature monitoring

LoRa IoT Solutions - Kiwi Temperature Box

Kiwi Temperature Box

Simplify The Connected World,Provide complete and ready-to-use IoT solutions,

Kiwi Temperature Box : 1.Easysetup 2.FullyIntegrated 3.Easyuse

LoRa IoT Solutions - Smart Agriculture

Food Safety

Kiwi Technology helps you complete HACCP requirements and food hygiene regulations effortlessly. With a wide range of food safety monitoring solutions, we ensure that food is safely stored within the specified temperature range.

LoRa IoT Solutions - Smart Building

Indoor Air Quality

LoRa-based IoT network enables indoor temperature, humidity, air quality monitoring, personnel and asset indoor positioning to create a comfortable and green office environment. With a comfortable, efficient, energy-saving, low-cost, safe and intelligent case-wide service, management is orderly, intensive, and efficient. Kiwi is to create a comprehensive indoor smart environment monitoring service for smart building..