Indoor Air Quality

AIoT Smart IAQ Management Solution

LoRa®-based IoT network enables indoor temperature, humidity, air quality monitoring, personnel and asset indoor positioning to create a comfortable and green office environment. With a comfortable, efficient, energy-saving, low-cost, safe and intelligent case-wide service, management is orderly, intensive, and efficient. Kiwi is to create a comprehensive indoor smart environment monitoring service for smart building..

New Safety Initiative to Prevent Covid-19, Kiwi Technology assists on Japanese retail Hypermarkets/supermarkets with smart AIoT solutions & services, Realize a “uninterrupted” smart air quality monitoring and management service.

Smart Air Quality Monitoring and Management

  • End-to-end IoT solution.
  • It complies with COVID-19 public area air quality regulation and monitoring ambient temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide.
  • The system has three features: remote monitoring, automatic uploading, and timely response.

A solution for Crowd Density & Ambient Air Quality Management

  • Monitor IAQ Index and Comfortable Measure (CO2 ppm – °C – %RH)
  • Air Quality、Crowd Density – By CO2
  • Display – 7.5-inch ESL or Smart TV (Android)
  • Alarm Indicator – Lamp
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring, Alarm,Cloud based IoT Platform

Comprehensive & Real-time : Remote real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, CO₂

Compliance Regulations, carbon dioxide must be recorded and stored, and methods must be set up to monitor and appropriately control the number of people in the indoor space and air quality.

Through the 『Smart IoT Cloud Management Platform 』

The data automatically acquired by the “three-in-one sensor” is stored in the cloud platform.

In addition to centralized monitoring in the headquarters, you can also view and summarize each “area”, “store” and “sensor”

Easy to Use : From manual recording to automatic acquisition by the system

In the current enterprise implementation, temperature, humidity, and CO2 are usually manually recorded on paper for storage and management.

With the help of Kiwi “Smart IoT Cloud Management Solution and Service Platform+APP”, the three-in-one sensor is installed in the indoor environment, and data is automatically obtained by wireless communication LPWA. In addition to reducing manual labor hours, it also helps prevent omissions in records and measurement errors, and improve the efficiency of management operations.

Real-time Alarm : Send an alarm when temperature, humidity, CO2 are abnormal

When the measured parameter is abnormal, it will be automatically notified through APP, email, indicator, so you can directly guide and contact without going through the call center.

Messages can also be viewed through smartphones and tablets. Not only can you quickly check abnormalities and troubleshooting, you can also confirm the situation when an abnormal CO2 accident occurs, share information and emergency response instructions with members, thereby minimizing the impact on air quality and do crowd management purpose .

Reporting & Data Analysis Services

Report & statistics, visualization, data collection of temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration data in the office and building, to assist in the analysis and implementation of energy-saving and air-conditioning operations.

Advance Data Analysis I

Advance Data Analysis I I

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