Kiwi Temperature Box

Zero Touch / One Platform

Kiwi Temperature Box line is a total solution comprising embedded hardware and an IoT software platform (PaaS) with our system integrator partners, offering versatile solutions for customers in different domains

Kiwi Temperature Box

Simplify The Connected World

rovide complete and ready-to-use IoT solutions

Smart Temperature Management

Achievement After Phase-in of Kiwi Temperature Box

Human cost

57% reduction in personnel cost


Cloud Database or Local Database Storage

Data Accuracy

The system has three functions: remote monitoring, automatic upload and timely response.

Features of Kiwi Temperature Box

  • Mobile APPs and Web dashboard to monitoring sensors from anywhere
  • Manage up to max 20 sensors
  • Real-time device and alert status
  • Power on gateway
  • Place sensors in areas to monitor
  • Access complete dashboard, a historical trend of logs and alerts
  • View trends for things you are monitoring
  • Receive email or APP alerts
  • Add 1 or many recipients
  • Customize alert thresholds

*Cloud based ONLY
*Advance Feature w/charge

  • Only alert if condition remains for (X) mins
  • (X) readings in row
  • Change the threshold between
  • Do not alert between
  • Alert if (X) readings in (Y) minutes
  • Visualize sensor status
  • Upload images and buleprints
  • Add Google maps

**Cloud based ONLY
**Advance Feature w/charge

  • Schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports
  • Receive compliance reports for regulations and inspectors

Kiwi Temperature Box Introduction


A Standard LoRaWAN® Starter Package

  • Gateway : 1 x TLG8402V1
  • Sensor 10 x LAS-603 or LAS-604V2
  • Use Scenarios : Small CVS, SM, QSR, Food process plant
  • Coverage/Distance : 15 meters, One or two floors


A Advanced LoRaWAN® Package

  • Gateway : 1 x TLG3901V2
  • Sensor 20 x LAS-603 or LAS-604V2
  • Use Scenarios : SM, QSR with many floors, large-scale food process plant
  • Coverage/Distance : ~300 meters (Indoor, Semi-open)
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