Warranty Certificate

Warranty Period and Scope :

This product model has undergone a complete overhaul. Its proper functioning is guaranteed for One (1) years from the date of shipment.

Contact Life for Server Service :
  1. 5 years contract to use Kiwi SaaS platform.

(first month for trial, and then next month start the service period calculation, same as AEON business case)

  1. Store sensor data period, 5 years during contract ONLY.
Warranty Exclusions :
  1. All failure or defects that result from factors not attributable to the product (such as an unstable power source, inappropriate voltage) or by force majeure (such as a natural disaster)
  2. Any repair or modification by a third party non-authorized by Kiwi technology or modification by adding or substituting components and accessories that are not manufactured by Kiwi technology.
  3. Any damage or deterioration due to accident or mishandling.
  4. The software program, data or removable storage has been damaged or lost.
  5. Any liquid damage due to but not limited to any repair or modification or open chassis by a third party non-authorized by Kiwi technology.
  6. Any damage to third-party software or brought about by a virus, or the damage or loss of software or data occurring during repair or replacement.
  7. In no circumstances shall the Seller be liable for any loss of profit, business, contracts, revenues, or for any special indirect or consequential damage of any nature whatsoever. (such as facilities or foods damaged)
  8. Obvious appearance damage by workmanship.
Attentions :
  1. Kiwi technology is not responsible for the custody or protection of the returned product or any data store in the product.
  2. Kiwi technology is only responsible for the repair of the hardware. The customer is responsible for backing up their data and shall take measures to protect the data before returning to the product for repair.
  3. DO NOT slide LAS-603 on any material surface to avoid peeling off of coating of magnet while doing installation. (this item only for LAS-603 sensor model)
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