AIoT SaaS Cloud Platform

The Kiwi AIoT SaaS cloud platform provides management services for node devices, gateways and the entire network, as a data storage and processing platform, and seamlessly API interfaces with customer application servers. Kiwi AIoT SaaS cloud platform supports a wide range of functions such as user management, connection management, data storage, analysis, API interface, application platform customization, etc., providing one-stop-shop service for enterprise customers’ IoT products to be launched quickly.

Complete Architecture

The cloud platform simplifies the entire process of access and service functions. It can be used from the installation and deployment of the device to the online application of the business application in a short period of time, and provides flexible extension by customer customization.

Enterprise-grade Platform

The platform provides user management for enterprise, and authorization management for ensure data security and reliability. At the same time, the platform supports secondary development by MQTT, and RESTful API to connect users’ own application systems.


The platform supports both public and private cloud deployment modes, and can perform network deployment according to the actual situation of the enterprise.


The platform provides an overall realization of the functional requirements from node, protocol conversion, data acquisition, analysis to visualization, and can be customized according to the actual needs of the enterprise.


The cloud platform has already served many industry customers including Japan, Taiwan, ASEAN and other regions. Customers can access, manage and view business conditions in real time around the world.

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