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Medical Cold Chain Solution - Smart Temperature Management

Measuring AIoT system and all-in-one solutions for pharmaceutical logistics and healthcare

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Wireless Temperature Monitoring & Warning System

Uninterrupted Cold Chain Management, Collect valuable data about your temperature-sensitive shipments.

AIoT Temperature Management System - Storage

Temperature sensors be installed in display chest, refrigerator, freezer, cold box, wireless automatic recording. abnormal occurrence, warnings for sending out (APP, email, webpage, etc.)

AIoT Temperature Management System - Transport

Temperature sensors be installed in Pharma low temperature cage, Pharma cold box. Station to station delivery, uninterrupted, wireless automatic recording. Once abnormal occurrence, warnings for sending out (APP, email, webpage)

Real-time Sensing

Monitor shipments in real-time with LPWA devices by putting a sensor device in your critical healthcare shipments。 The data logger provides a three-point calibration report and annual calibration service* (charged).

Extreme Low Temperature

Very low temperature (up to -80°C), a wide range temperature solution with using different temperature sensor

SaaS & APP

Provide AIoT network planning and deployment and platform management by Kiwi SaaS, as well as 24/7 real-time temperature monitoring services. High/Low/Average/MKT. Private or hybrid cloud structure.

Waring & Notification

Once it is found that the monitoring data exceeds the threshold, it will provide real-time warning to relevant responsible personnel in the form of platform warning, email delivery and mobile APP.

Data Analysis & Visualization

  • Covid-19 Vaccines Transportation(-80°C)
  • Use cases in Taiwan, Japan
  • Uninterrupted Cold Chain

Advance Data Analysis

Station to Station Routing

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