Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture Monitoring & Management

Based on the real-time monitoring of precision sensors, the smart agriculture system makes use of data collection and analysis and back-office management to link with and distribute instructions to various kinds of control devices so as to complete agricultural production and management, solve the problem of agricultural manpower shortage, improve the risk-resisting capability of agricultural production, and help small-scale agricultural production to upgrade its scale, automation and industrialization.

The smart agricultural IoT platform can collect in a real-time manner such data as temperature, humidity, illuminance, light quantum, gas concentration, water level, and soil moisture and then use them to analyze the environments for agricultural producers and to mobilize various control devices as required to control temperature, dimming, ventilation, and other factors so as to achieve smart control over the environments to grow agriculture and ensure the quality of crops.

Smart Agriculture Monitoring & Management

  • To monitor ambient temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and soil temperature in real time.
  • The system has three features: remote monitoring, automatic uploading, and timely response.

Cloud Platform Service

Agricultural sensors upload data to the cloud platform to quickly and safely complete large-scale data storage and analysis, to monitor the cultivation environment of the whole region, solve the problem that the large-scale planting environment conditions are not easy to management, and save farm planting costs.

Data Analysis & Visualization

Data report analysis, Historical data query and analysis, the data can be displayed in a variety of ways such as band diagrams and pie charts, and the changes of data are clear to be checked.

Real-time Alarm

Once it is found that the monitoring data exceeds the threshold, it will provide real-time warning to relevant responsible personnel in the form of platform warning, email delivery and mobile APP.

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