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To stay on the top of the opportunity of digital transformation and embrace the digital economy era


June 21, Kiwi technology be a section speaker on the Metaverse conference be hosted by Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center of ITRI


Technologies changes rapidly everyday, Enterprises should think about how to achieve the cost reduction and improving operation efficiency through digitalization and digital optimization as well as achieve the ESG goals of sustainability, and move towards a true digital transformation.

Although enterprises are eager to pursue breakthroughs in new technologies, they lack the integration of various vertical fields.


In this webinar, Kiwi technology analyzed and shared practical cases in the various vertical industries, such as smart temperature management in AEON supermarkets in Japan, CO2 air quality management in AEON shopping malls and staff offices, and cold chain of temperature management pharmaceutical logistics and warehousing in both Taiwan and Japan, etc., with the assistance of Kiwi technology’s turn-key AIoT solution, assist enterprises to collect data, optimize processes, and offer advanced value-added data services in their original operations, thereby greatly improving operational efficiency, revenue, and achieving industrial upgrading purposes and benefits.





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