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Going global, Kiwi technology outdoor LoRa gateway is the first to get Indonesia SDPPI certification for IoT

Starting in 2015, Kiwi Technology has stepped into the Internet of Things business, and has also accelerated the pace of global layout. It has copied Japan’s successful experiences to other regions and has entered the ASEAN market.

Kiwi Technology in Indonesia, the P.T WSP who is a IoT company jointly established with P.T Abhimata, continues to expand the IoT application level as an IoT operator, provides integrated solutions for the two markets, smart cities and vertical applications.

As the industry continues to change, the niche market will become more apparent in the application area. In order to provide better customized services in different vertical markets, Kiwi Technology has strengthened its software design and platform services in addition to the hardware, deepening product differentiation, this be Kiwi’s product planning and strategy.

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