Medical Safety

Medical Cold Chain Solution Smart Temperature Management

The Challenges of Vaccine Cold-Chain

The biggest challenge for COVID-19 vaccines is the cold supply chain chilled, frozen or cryogenic?

COVAX Platform
Covid-19 vaccines
Cold Chain
(Storage Temperature Criteria)
Johnson & Johnson4 ~ 8°C
AstraZeneca 4 ~ 8°C

Medical Cold Chain Solution – Solution Features

Monitoring for your critical medical shipments

  • Covid-19 Extreme low temperature management solution(-80°C)

  • Japan use case provenHACCP

  • Non-stop temperature monitoring
Sensing Aware

Sensing Aware

Monitor shipments in real-time with Kiwi LPWA devices by putting a sensor device in your critical healthcare shipments.

Extremely Low Temperature

Extremely Low Temperature

Very low temperature (up to -80°C), continuous chain medical temperature management solution.

Priority Alert

Priority Alert

Once it is found that the monitoring data exceeds the threshold, it will provide real-time warning to relevant responsible personnel in the form of platform warning, email delivery and mobile APP.

Cloud Platform

SaaS Platform

Provide AIoT network planning and deployment and platform management, as well as 24/7 real-time temperature monitoring services. High/Low/Average/MKT. Private or hybrid cloud.

AIoT Smart Temperature Management Solution for Medical Logistics

Non-stop temperature monitoring

Non-stop temperature monitoring

Kiwi Technology’s ultra-low temperature data management system

ultra-low temperature data management system-1

Just activate the wireless temperature data logger and place it in the transport cold box.

ultra-low temperature data management system-2

Report temperature data to cloud platform, Continuous data monitoring during transportation.

ultra-low temperature data management system-3

After arriving at the station, there is no need to unpack, the data is directly exported wirelessly, cloud/APP management platform, and CSV compatible documents are provided.

Medical – Logistics

Medical Logistics
Medical Cold Chain SolutionSmart Temperature Management

System Architecture – 

Medical Shipments Temperature Control

Automotive Gateway

  • TLG8402V2

Temperature Sensor

Current Solution

Kiwi AIoT Solution

Storage Solution Hospital、Clinic、 Pharmacy

Automotive Gateway

  • TLG3901V2

Temperature Sensor

System Architecture–Medical Shipments Temperature Control

Current Solution

Kiwi AIoT Solution

Product AIoT Sensor & Gateway

AIoT Sensor & Gateway

Why LoRa? 

Customer Own IoT Network

Bi-directional Communication

Customization Service