Overview :

For disaster prevention solution, LAS-F01 LoRaWAN surface tiltmeter is a detection sensor which has installed on the falling stone net that can be sensed for collision times. It is for a landside warning & monitoring application. This sensor has great sensitivity to monitor rockfall and landslide. With LoRaWAN wireless module, this surface tiltmeter sensor status will be sent to the network server via LoRa gateway. In general, this rockfall and landslide warning monitoring system has been established as a total solution to do disaster prevention.

Features :

  • Integrate Lora Wireless transmission, data capture , Solar a d battery power energy
  • LoRa Frequency Range: Kiwi TLM922S module, 862~932 MHz (Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia)
  • Able to connect to LED warning systems and in a real time monitoring
  • Applicable for rockfall and landslide areas
  • Maintenance Free & Easy Installation
  • Solar panel and embedded battery Power
LAS-F01 Surface Tiltmeter Sensor

LoRaWAN Surface Tiltmeter Sensor

Model : LAS-F01

LoRaKiwi TLM922S module (FCC, TELEC, LoRaWAN AS923 certificate)
Frequency862~ 932MHz
RF output-2~ 20 dBm
Sensitivity-138 dBm
LoRa Transmit RF power-2 ~20dBm
Transmission Range (LOS)10Km ( Max.) * depends on situation
Surface TiltmeterDual Axis tilt sensor, X and Y
LoRa Antennas3dBi, outdoor application,IP67, fiberglass
Solar5V, 2.5W
Battery3.3V, 3200mAH
Tilt SensorDual Axis, X and Y
Full Scale±15 degree
Accuracy±0.0065 degree
Resolution0.0013 degree
Ingress ProtectionIP66
Operating Temperature25 ℃~ +85℃
Power Consumption[email protected]
Input Voltage RangeType 3.3V LiFePO4 3200mAH
Voltage range 3.0 ~ 3.6V
Battery life5 min sample interval Up to 2 month
(1 x 3.3V 3200mAH LiFePO4 Battery)
External power chargeUSB 5V
Solar power 5V, 2.5W
Control Box IP ratingIP65
Operating temperature-25℃~ +75℃
Storage Temperature-30℃~ +75℃
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