Overview :

The LAS-E01 LoRaWAN Radar outdoor flood monitoring aims for the wireless radar level transmitter to measure water levels remotely, such as river or others application. With the latest radar sensor technology the LAS-E01 is unbeatable when it comes to more accuracy, reliability and versatility. Its long embedded battery life, global connectivity and robust housing makes this sensor ideal for use across different remote measurement applications where no infrastructure is available.

Features :

  • LoRaWAN Standard Compliance, 1.0.3, Class A
  • Radar Sensor : Transmitting frequency as high as 26GHz
  • Non contacting radar, no abrasion and contamination
  • Hardly influenced by corrosion and foam
  • Hardly influenced by changes of steam vapor, temperature and pressure
  • Hardly impacted by heavy dust
  • LoRa Frequency Range : 862~932 MHz (Japan, Taiwan, Thailand,Indonesia)/470MHz (China), Kiwi TLM922S LoRaWAN module.
  • Small beam angle and concentrated energy to avoid interferences
  • High SNR to ensure performance even under fluctuation
  • Applicable for flood monitoring (rivers, lakes, sea water) ; Wastewater
  • Periodicity Upstream
LAS-E01 Radar Outdoor Flood Monitoring System

LoRa Radar Outdoor Flood Monitoring System

Model : LAS-E01

LoRaKiwi TLM922S module (FCC, TELEC, LoRaWAN AS923 certificate)
Wireless performance parametersRF output Power : 2~20dBm
Protocol : LoRaWAN
Frequency : 862~932MHz
Sensitiivity : -138dBm
Antenna Gain : dipole, 3dBi, outdoor application,IP67, fiberglass
Transmission Range (LOS)10Km ( Max.) * depends on situation
Water Level DistanceDefault : Max 30m, depends on selection of type. (GEO 300 100R6)
Solar5V, 2.5W
Battery3.3V LiFePO4 3200mAH
Voltage range 3.0 ~ 3.6V
Battery life5 min sample interval Up to 2 month (1 x 3.3V 3200mAH LiFePO4 Battery)
External power chargeUSB 5V
Solar power 5V, 2.5W
Radar Sensor Power InputDC 24V
IP RatingIP65
Operating temperature-25℃ ~ 75℃
Storage Temperature-30℃ ~ 75℃
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