Overview :

LAS-604V3 is a temperature sensor that utilizes LoRaWAN to periodically report temperature. The temperature measurement is through PT100 probe. For forcing various requests of demand, LAS-604V3 supports two operation modes, mode A and mode B. Mode A is hourly report that temperature is reported or recorded every hour. Mode B supports temperature measurement every 30 seconds, 1 minute or 2 minutes, depending on setting. In addition, LAS-604V3 will retrieve date time for synchronous from server at boot up which make sure the accuracy of report time period.

Features :

  • Slim design
  • Wide temperature measurement
  • Data logger and wireless transmission to server
  • High accuracy RTD thermometer probe
  • Easy to replace the battery without special tools.
  • Low power and long battery life
  • Easy settings for user from web configuration
LAS-604V3 Temperature Sensor

LoRa Temperature Sensor

Model : LAS-604V3

System characteristics
RF performanceRF output Power :
+13dBm (Japan);
+20dBm (US)
Protocol : LoRaWAN Class A
Frequency : 862~932MHz
Antenna Gain : <1dBi
Measurement Range-60°C to 200°C
Accuracy± 0.3 °C at -20 °C to 80 ° C
± 0.5 °C at -40 °C to -20 °C, 80 °C to 110 °C
± 1.0 °C at -60 °C to -40 °C, 110 °C to 200 °C
Temperature Resolution0.1 °C
MeasuringDetect every 5 minutes
Transmission IntervalHourly report, reporting period can be 1~24 hours, default is 1 hour.
LCM DisplayShow 3 digits of temperature, and one digit after decimal.
ProbeProbe: ɸ 2.3mm
Cable length: 300cm and 500cm
Battery typeLithium battery two cells pack, 2400mAhx2
Operation Temperature-20 ~70 °C
Storage Temperature-30~70 °C
Dimension66.3 x 84.5 x 32 mm, without the connector
Weight120 g ± 15g
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