Overview :

LAS-302V1 is designed to measure carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity by LoRa long-range and low-power wireless connectivity. It is an integrated LoRa wireless technology, CO2 sensor and T/RH% sensor know-how and high-performance MCU solution for various IoT market usage. With a calibrated CO2 sensor module, compensated temperature and humidity sensor integration, the data is ready for use. Besides, with the ultra-low power consumption CO2 module, the wireless devices could be achieved, and it is convenient for installation. It is perfect for monitoring air quality in schools, office buildings, greenhouses, factories, hotels, hospitals, transportation lines, and anywhere high levels of carbon dioxide are generated.

Features :

  • Support multiple air quality sensors (option)
  • Support PIR sensor (option)
  • Wireless transmission to server
  • Easy to replace the battery without special tools
  • Easy settings for user from web configuration
  • Support both battery and AC adapter power in

CO2 and T/RH Sensor

Model : LAS-302V1

System functions
Measurement RangeCO2 : 400 to 10000ppm
Temperature : 0〜50°C
Humidity : 5〜85% RH
AccuracyCO2 :
± (30ppm +3% of reading)
Extended range +-10% of reading
Temperature :
±0.6°C at 5°C to 50°C
± 0.9°C at 0°C to 5°C
Humidity :
±5.0 %RH at 25°C, 50% RH
ResolutionCO2 :
1 [email protected],25°C
2 [email protected],25°C
Temperature :
Humidity :
0.1 % RH
Pressure dependence1.6% reading per kPa deviation from normal pressure
Measuring and Recording IntervalDetect every 1 minute(default)
Adjustable period, minute base, up to 60 minutes
Transmission Interval…Report every 1 minutes(default)
Adjustable interval, minute base, up to 60 minutes
Communication Frequency920.6~928MHz for JPN
Antenna GainEmbedded 2dBi
Micro USB power-in DC5V
Support battery typeLithium battery two cells pack, 2400mAhx2
Battery Lifespan2 [email protected] detect and report interval 5 minutes
Dimension94.7 x 94.4 x 27 mm
Weight140 g
Operating range0~50°C
Storage Temperature-40~70°C
Working Relative Humidity5〜85%
CertificateTELEC, VCCI
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