Overview :

It is a standard LoRa communication smart sensor that can acquire and detect indoor carbon monoxide, temperature and humidity. Its measurement and transmission are highly reliable and stable.

Features :

  • LoRaWAN compliant/TELEC Certificate
  • High Receiver Sensitivity and long range solution
  • Integrated with calibrated CO sensor
    ◼ Accuracy: ± 5% or ±30ppm
    ◼ Range: 0 ~ 500ppm
  • Integrated with Compensated Temp/RH sensor
  • Micro-USB DC power-in, 5V
  • Display CO concentration, Temp/ RH
LAS-101 Indoor CO T/RH Sensor

Indoor CO T/RH Sensor

Model : LAS-101

System characteristics
Startup time<1 minute(s)
LoRa moduleDepending on the built-in module models
MonitorPeriodically update and display sensor measurement values
Electrical characteristics
Voltage5V (micro USB) or DC 8~24V
Operating temperature-20ºC~50ºC
Operating humidity15%~90% RH
Storage temperature0°C~50°C Optimal 0°C~20°C
Wireless performance parameters
Transmission rate292bps~5.468Kbps
Operating frequency862~932MHz/470~510MHz
ProtocolLoRaWAN (Class A)
AntennaSMA male 2dBi
Sensor characteristics
Sensing modeCO : Electrochemical, T/RH : CMOS sensor
Reaction timeCO : < 30 sec. (90%), T : 3~30 sec., RH : < 8 sec.
AccuracyCO : ±5% or ±20ppm(25°C), T : ±0.3°C, RH : ±3%
RepeatabilityCO : <±5%
Zero DriftCO : < 5% /year
Measuring rangeCO : 0~500 ppm, T : -20°C~50°C, RH : 15%~90%(Limit by CO sensor)
Physical characteristics
L x H x W113.57x80x28.79mm, 280g
Installation methodWall-mount
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