Troubleshooting & FAQ

After Kiwi Temperature Box installation, why there is no sensors temperature in Kiwi Temperature Box server?2020-07-02T15:34:21+08:00

[Self Diagnosis]
1. Check if Gateway powered-on?
2. Check if the Ethernet cable is loose and disconnected from the network?
3. Check if sensor’ battery has been installed-well and turned-on?
4. one hour later check

1. Re-Install all sensors and gateway again.
2. Contact your sales representative, or Kiwi’s customer service center for technical support if you need additional assistance.

Please have following information ready before you call / leave message:
I.Product name and serial number.
II.A complete description of the problem.

Sensor threshold (Temperature Limit) setting2020-07-02T10:29:48+08:00

After log-in Kiwi Temperature Box server, you can easily set-up basic functions setting (store/area/product/sensor temperature threshold) on the cloud server.

How far can sensors transmit data to gateway?2020-07-02T10:32:04+08:00

Generally, LoRa sensors can transmit 50~100m without metal barrier between gateway and sensor.
In most circumstances, one gateway can cover a large floor of a building.

How long do the sensors’ batteries last?2020-07-02T10:35:04+08:00

Batteries are low power and can last for 5 years. (depends on use case)

If my gateway off-line for a short time, the sensors’ temperature data will be lost?2020-07-02T10:38:28+08:00

The sensor temperature data can be kept in sensor for 10days, once gateway links to internet, the data will be transferred and saved to Kiwi IOT cloud server.

How is the data protected?2020-07-02T10:41:56+08:00

AES 128 encryption.

What types of alerts are available?2020-07-02T10:46:53+08:00

There are both email and app messages that can be delivered to recipients based on configured temperature thresholds.

What’s included in the solution?2020-07-02T10:52:23+08:00

1. Temperature and humidity sensor – additional sensors available for purchase.
2. Cellular or Ethernet Gateway
3. Kiwi Temperature Box web and mobile application

If I forgot my gateway WiFi passward or setting website’s password (

Please press the reset button on the back-side of gateway device. The password will reset back to original default vaules (name / password: admin/admin).

How do I create an account?2020-07-02T11:34:56+08:00

Once you purchase this product-Kiwi Temperature Box, and when you receive it, Kiwi will provide you one cloud server account to monitor your sensors online in the Kiwi Temperature Box. No need to create specific account.

What is the defference between the Kiwi Temperature Box-Lite and Premium version?2020-07-02T11:39:07+08:00

Kiwi Temperature Box-Lite, it comprises one gateway and 10 sensors.
Kiwi Temperature Box-Premium, it comprise one gateway and 20 sensors.

Both of them can have Kiwi cloud platform mangement service.

Do the sensors have to be plugged in?2020-07-02T11:43:32+08:00

No. Our sensors are wireless, and battery operated. They can be placed directly into refrigeration units or mounted on wall.

How is the solution maintained?2020-07-02T11:46:25+08:00

There is no maintenance required. Devices are designed to last for years and include a limited lifetime replacement guarantee.

How long does it take to install the solution?2020-07-02T13:10:54+08:00

Kiwi Temperature Box are designed with sensors presetting ok for plug-and-play installation. Simply log-in server, place the devices, and start monitoring. Total installation time will vary based on the total number of devices deployed.

What can the Temperature Monitoring Solution accomplish?2020-07-02T13:14:34+08:00

Kiwi Temperature Box delivers substantial cost savings by automatically monitoring temperatures around the clock and eliminating the need for manual, onsite refrigeration temperature monitoring. Most users see a significant reduction in operational costs, increased productivity, and improved regulatory compliance.

How to add sensors in my cloud server account?2020-07-02T13:18:15+08:00

1. If you want to add more sensors, please leave your account name when you place the order.
2. Kiwi service team will help to setup (TBD) the sensors to link with your original server account.
3. While you receive new sensors, login your account, you can see that has existed in your cloud server.

How to download my temperature data/report?2020-07-02T13:22:56+08:00

1. User can download temperature record- daily/monthly CSV file raw data from cloud server directly.
2. You also can purchase Extra Services-“Report” to get better report service.

If I forgot my login password?2020-07-02T13:25:03+08:00

Please send a mail to our supporting mail account, tell us your account name, we will feedback your password to you soon.

How many alert recipients are supported?2020-07-02T13:28:46+08:00

Alerts can be sent to limited number of recipients, we suggest the number of recipients is under 10, if alert frequency is too high, that will impact your device’s battery life.

How many registered sensors can link to gateway?2020-07-02T13:32:23+08:00

For TLG8402V1 gateway, the max. is 20 sensors.
For TLG3901V2 gateway, the max. is 100 sensors.

How long do we store sensor data into our storage?2020-07-02T13:35:02+08:00

Contact Life for Server Service:
1.5 years contract to use Kiwi SaaS platform.
(first month for trial, and then next month start the service period calculation, same as AEON business case)
2.Store sensor data period, 5 years during contract ONLY.

What is an IoT cloud platform?2020-07-02T13:37:16+08:00

An IoT platform provides users with one or more of these key elements — visualization,Cloud platforms are based in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.
Standard Kiwi Temperature Box package is 5 years Kiwi IoT SaaS services including package.

What open standards and protocols are used?2020-07-02T13:43:10+08:00

Standard LoRaWAN.


How does it work?2020-07-02T13:46:48+08:00

1. Sensors are working for 24/7 temperature monitoring.
2. Temperature thresholds are set via the Kiwi Temperature Box application.

What can Kiwi Temperature Box do for my customers?2020-07-02T13:48:58+08:00

Kiwi Temperature Box delivers substantial ROI to end customers by automatically monitoring temperatures around the clock and eliminating the need for manual, onsite refrigeration temperature monitoring. Most users see a significant reduction in operational costs, increased productivity, and improved regulatory compliance.

What are the advantages of Internet of Things?2020-07-02T13:51:16+08:00

IoT can be used for home automation, smart cities, smart power grid, smarter transport, smarter workplace, performance tracking and smarter supply chain. IoT provides more information for better decisions across a range of industries.

What is the future of the Internet of Things?2020-07-02T13:53:43+08:00

The high growth areas for IoT include security and surveillance, supply chain management, inventory and warehouse, facility management, industrial asset management, smart products, energy management and fleet management. IoT can provide more product features to customers, it can be used for managed services of devices, IoT data can help with product evolution, it can help with product consumables reordering, predictive maintenance when needed based on usage and data. IoT can get efficiency by smoother machine control that can improve over time.