AstraZeneca Vaccine

Japan’s RYOYO ELECTRO (a top tier trading company) provides a smart temperature management system for the medical cold chain. The system combines LPWA wireless temperature sensors and communication functions, which can support ultra-low temperatures up to -80 degrees Celsius.

It uses the “Internet of Things” technology to remotely monitor the storage temperature of vaccine. The reading data is connected to the Internet, a cloud management platform SaaS, and can be monitored and managed on smartphones and tablets in the form of APP.

Timely detection of abnormal conditions such as temperature rise, so that the quality and safety of the vaccine can be perfectly monitored, and it can be applied to designated medical logistics centers, hospitals, clinics, etc., or medical cold chain vehicles. The new Covid-19 vaccine requires stricter temperature control because it is a high unit price product. In practice, the medical refrigerator will be opened and closed multiple times a day to take the items in/out, causing the internal temperature of the refrigerator to increase. How to make a continuously 24/ 7 temperature monitoring and warning services have become very important.

Ryoyo Co. has provided it to Hanawa-cho in Fukushima Prefecture to monitor the ultra-low temperature refrigerators that store vaccines, and medical institutions are also conducting POC. Ryoyo Company’s partner THine Electronics also started field trials based on Kiwi Technology’s “Smart Temperature Monitoring System” solution, which has been installed in the vaccine storage refrigerator of the Isumi Medical Center in Chiba Prefecture and is undergoing verification.

We expect that comprehensive vaccination will increase the huge medical cold chain business opportunities for temperature monitoring. This is a rigid and urgent demand. The goal is to provide formal commercial operations from July or August.