HACCP is an international standard for food hygiene management. The revised Food Sanitation Law of Japan in 2018 requires all food manufacturers and food distributors (conveniences store, supermarkets, etc.) to conduct hygiene management in accordance with HACCP from June 2020 (be extended to 2021). In the future, food manufacturers and food distributors will need to continuously collect and manage temperature data in food storage locations such as refrigerators and freezers. Owners worry that the cost of manpower management will increase. Therefore, Kiwi Technology’s smart temperature management solution service uses IoT LoRa wireless technology to reduce management costs and can easily install sensors and base stations. Through the temperature sensor compatible with the low-power communication standard LoRaWAN (*), it measures the temperature inside the refrigerator and the freezer and centrally manages the data and equipment. It has an early warning function and can also view the real time data through the APP.

(*) LoRaWAN™: A global and open IoT wireless standard whose standards and specifications were established by the LoRa Alliance™, which has more than 500 operators and companies worldwide. It is one of the wireless communication technologies (LPWA) used in the Internet of Things. Compared with traditional communication technologies, it has the characteristics of wireless communication with better radio penetration and lower power consumption.