Myamar, August 31, 2020 – Vortech Myanmar Company Limited and Kiwi Technology (TWSE 6699) announced today that they would launch an IoT-driven solution that uses easily deployed devices compatible with low-power, wide-area and wireless LoRa technology to enable smart temperature monitoring service in Myanmar. The AIoT solution will reduce food wastage and inefficiencies by visualizing refrigerator temperatures.

Convenience stores and supermarkets have been rapidly expanding in the larger cities in Myanmar in recent years. The consumer behaviors and purchasing power continue to grow with the positive outlook for retailers are optimistic and the sector is set to experience with a constant growth. Popular retailers in Myanmar are Asia Light, ABC Convenience Stores (100 outlets in Yangon in all key strategic locations and townships in Yangon) by Myanmar Indo Best, Grab & Go (300 outlets) by Capital Diamond Star, City Mart Supermarket, Marketplace and City Express Convenience Stores (70 outlets) by City Mart, One Stop Mart (100 outlets) by One Stop, Gamone Pwint Departmental Stores, Gandamar Wholesale, Market Place Supermarket, Orange Supermarkets, Ocean Super Center, Ruby Mart Supermarkets, Star Mart Supermarkets, GQ Convenience Stores, KumuDra Convenience Store, Shwe Paline Mini Mart, Pyae Wa General Stores and Union Mini Mart.

A digitalization transformation is a megatrend which is going to affect all. Because of COVID-19 business impact, “Zero touch” could be a new life style factor. Vortech Myanmar and Kiwi Technology immediate launch of an AIoT-driven temperature remote monitoring service for industrial refrigerators and freezers in Myanmar. Customers can use either smartphones or PCs to monitor the temperature and humidity of their equipment, get alerts in the event of any abnormality, receive weekly or monthly basis reports on temperature or humidity trends, and change settings based on such reports. All data upload, storage as well analysis are cloud service. The subscription cloud service is available based on 5 years for free.

Vortech Myanmar developed the service in collaboration with Kiwi Technology, a global leading AIoT solution and service company based in Taiwan that provides IoT technology based on LoRa®, a wireless data communication technology for low-power, extra-long-range transmissions. Temperature or humidity data collected at supermarket, convenience store, grocery stores and restaurants are available in the cloud in real time for reliable temperature management, including efficient automation of processes such as visual confirmations by employees, and reduced food wastage as well as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliance.

Vortech Myanmar Company Limited and Taiwan Kiwi Technology (TWSE 6699) join forces on LoRaWAN solutions & services

The system uses the LoRaWAN™ specification, a low-power, wide area networking protocol introduced by the LoRa Alliance™, which enables sensors to run for more than five years without replacement battery.

Refrigeration temperature management is an important issue for supermarket, convenience store, grocery stores and restaurants, because equipment breakdowns can lead directly to food spoilage. Despite the high demand for industrial refrigerators with remote monitoring functionality, such equipment is expensive and replacement cycles can be long, so many refrigerators without such functionality are operating in the Myanmar market.

The new and innovation service has been launched under Vortech Myanmar global IoT initiative, which was introduced on July 2020 to provide AIoT connectivity and operational support and consulting to Myanmar enterprises that have IoT operations. Going forward, Vortech Myanmar and Kiwi Technology expect to continue collaborating with cutting-edge Myanmar companies to introduce additional AIoT solutions that help customers raise their productivity and create new value.

Couple of the companies in Myanmar already done the POC tests to the AIoT solution.

AIoT Smart Temperature Management Solution–Kiwi Temperature Box

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