Kiwi Technology participates in the TAITRAs’ 『new southbound marketing development assistance program』 to seize business opportunities for ASEAN countries.

The International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the International Trade Association held the “New Southbound Marketing Development Assistance Program: ASEAN Buyers Video Purchase Fair” on 7/23, and strongly recruited 121 buyers from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia and 36 Taiwanese companies for online video buyer one on one meeting.

Kiwi Technology, which has successfully entered the Japanese Internet of Things market, is aware of the development potential of the ASEAN market to develop smart systems and hopes to promote its own smart temperature management solution and smart air quality management (IAQ) to the ASEAN market. This time, it also successfully discussed with Ranch Market in Indonesia. It is expected to cooperate to expand the Indonesian market.

Trade Mission to ASEAN hosted by TAITRA-1
Trade Mission to ASEAN hosted by TAITRA-2
Trade Mission to ASEAN hosted by TAITRA-3

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