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Today Kiwi Technology announced and Launches AIoT-driven Smart Temperature Service since 2020, June First. And it is a easy to use AIOT suite package which contains a few sensor, a IOT gateway and kiwi cloud service. The Kiwi Temperature Box will reduce food wastage and inefficiencies by visualizing refrigerator or freezers temperatures.


Kiwi Temperature Box contains smart temperature sensor, gateway, cloud computing

HACCP is an international standard for food hygiene, and since June 2020, all food manufacturers and food business operators are obliged to work on hygiene management in line with HACCP in accordance with the revised Food Hygiene Law in 2018. In the future, food manufacturers and food sellers/retail as well as cold chain will need to continuously collect and manage temperature data of food storage areas such as refrigerators and freezers.

In the past, the wireless communication solutions used in the IOT are not only have high unit prices, but as the number of sensors has increased, the introduction cost has also increased. In addition, there are not many practical use case references in the current market of IOT. , So it is difficult for customers to determine whether they can be used for a long time, which leads to difficulties in promotion. Kiwi Temperature Box is a smart temperature management suite package that is simple to install and easy to manage, combining temperature / humidity sensor LAS-603 or probe type temperature sensor LAS-604V2 and gateway TLG8402V1 (1ch). In addition, we provide basic functions of cloud services such as temperature data visualization, sensor device management, and data download for free. The temperature monitoring technology of the IoT replaces the previous method of manually recording the temperature, thereby accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises.

This set of products is developed and produced by Kiwi Technology Co., Ltd itself. (Taiwan Head Office). Kiwi Technology is committed to developing IoT solutions that can be applied to various vertical fields such as smart retail, smart city, smart agriculture, and smart factories, and directly provides project services for Japanese and other overseas customers. The company’s IoT wireless communication solutions have been used by customers for more than five years. The monitoring management data is stored in the cloud storage space managed by Kiwi Technology In addition to allowing users to view the monitoring data in real time through a computer browser or mobile APP, it can also monitor the status of hardware and devices upgrades and updates in a secure way.

Kiwi Technology provides Kiwi Temperature Box as a temperature solution and service compatible with HACCP for food business operators who need to comply with HACCP’s food hygiene management. In addition, it can also meet the needs of the cold chain and refrigerated and freezer supply chain monitoring, the transportation management of medical supplies, and the company’s environmental monitoring system.

Highlights of Kiwi Temperature Box

  • Temperature、Humidity Sensor
    • A LPWAN (LoRa) communication technology. Indoor coverage can reach 50m  ~ 100m.
    • 5 years lifespan of battery
    • The metal part is attached with a detachable magnet, a special groove for wall-mounted hooks, etc., which is suitable for the sensor design of all kinds of places
    • Temperature sensor for Freezer (LAS-604V2)
  • IoT Gateway
    • Support LTE/3G
    • Support Ethernet RJ45 Interface
  • Cloud and Application Platform Service
    • Visualization of data
    • Status of both sensor and gateway
    • CVS file Download

Kiwi Temperature Box Suite Package :

Standard version of Kiwi Temperature Box

  • Sensor
    • LAS-603 (Temperature) x10 units
  • Gateway
    • TLG8402V1 (1ch) x1 unit
  • Cloud Service
    • Visualization of data
    • Status of both sensor and gateway
    • CVS file Download

Premium of Kiwi Temperature Box

  • Sensor
    • LAS-603 (Temperature) x 15 unit
    • LAS-604V2 (Temperature, Probe type) x 5 units
  • Gateway
    • TLG8402V1 (1ch) x1 unit
  • Cloud Service
    • Visualization of data
    • Status of both sensor and gateway
    • CVS file Download

Notice :

  • The communication between the gateway and the cloud and the Internet communication fee when using the cloud service are borne by the client.

Kiwi Temperature Box additional product and service

  • Additional Sensor
    • Additional sensor for LAS-603 or LAS-604V2
  • Gateway
    • TLG3901V2 (8ch)
  • Additional Cloud Application
    • When the upper and lower limits set by the user are exceeded, an alarm notification will be issued

Web page of Kiwi Temperature Box


The detailed specifications of hardware can be confirmed on the following Kiwi Technology website.





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