The commercial sale of “Water Management Pack S” (398,000 yen: LP-01×10 unit set) be provided by IIJ from March this year. The time required for farmers to manage water has been reduced by about 70% to 80%. In paddy field management, the paddy field must adjust the amount of water every day according to the growth conditions and water temperature. Therefore, farmers must cross the paddy field every day to open and close the water supply valve or open the sluice to discharge water. Rice fields are spread all over the country, and this work alone will spend a lot of time and energy every single day.

Specifically, the rice field sensors and automatic water supply valves installed in each rice field use LoRaWAN connection, which is a communication technology that does not require a wireless license. Using the 920 MHz frequency band, farmers can remotely confirm the status through the IoT platform and can perform Use the mobile phone APP to adjust the water level of the paddy field. According to the water level and water temperature in the rice field automatically measured by the IoT sensor, the remote automatic water supply valve is controlled to properly manage the situation in the rice field.

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