A solution that provides ready-to-use, low-cost, and intelligent temperature management of refrigeration and freezing facilities through the Internet of Things

Internet Initiative Japan Inc. is currently providing food operators with intelligent temperature management solutions for refrigerators and warehouses. The “IIJ LoRaWAN® HACCP temperature management solution” will be provided from July 15, 2020, which is an IoT solution that can automatically monitor and manage the temperature of the product.

“IIJ LoRaWAN® solution for HACCP temperature management” is a temperature sensor LoRaWAN® gateway (wireless base station) that can send temperature data to the cloud, store and visualize data cloud services and applications, and the SIM for communication we pass one-time operation can provide products and services required for temperature control, including support. Combined with Kiwi Technology’s “Kiwi Sense the Future Temperature Management Package” and IIJ service, and can remotely check and set the temperature data measured and collected by the sensor on the APP of smartphone and dashboard of PC. When it detects that the specified threshold is exceeded, you can receive an alert notification via email or APP, so when a problem occurs, you can immediately take action to achieve appropriate temperature management to meet the most important temperature management system requirements of HACCP For example, in the places where customers manufacture, store, sell and provide food (such as quick service restaurant service chains, hotels, supermarkets, convenience stores, cold chain operators, refrigerators and freezers, etc.), automatically collect temperature data and monitor abnormal conditions.

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