Kiwi Technology grabbed Japan’s IoT IoT market in smart agriculture. Japanese company Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) announced that it has cooperated with Kiwi Technology and held a press conference in Tokyo on the 19th to provide Internet of Things in Japan. The IoT solution, since 2019, has begun to expand the LoRaWAN solution for various IoT areas in the Japanese market and will begin commercial sales in the near future. From indoor to outdoor applications, areas such as smart agriculture, food hygiene management HACCP, fleet management and intelligent buildings will promote the development of the IoT in Japan. Kiwi Technology said that the cooperation with IIJ will aim to expand the Japanese IoT business, and provide a platform from sensors, gateway, networks, cloud service, and security communication, complemented by the superior technologies and services of both parties. IoT platform and service with “smart production” and “digitalization” as the core of the program.

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